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Adam Cullinan D.C.

I have a Chiropractic heritage. In 1938 my grandfather became one of the first Chiropractors in South Africa. He operated a busy practice in Johannesburg until he decided to become a farmer in the 1950's. Even so people would come from all over the platteland to be treated at the farmhouse. It was no surprise when I decided to study Chiropractic because of my fascination with health and the human body. In 1998 I obtained my Masters degree in Chiropractic at the Durban Institute of technology in South Africa

I ran a successful family private practice in Johannesburg for 17 years before coming to the Netherlands. I treated everyone from week old colicky babies and sports injuries to people with painful spinal hernias. From time to time people would even bring in their dogs and cats.

My wife and children have now joined me in the Netherlands. We are currently staying in the Weert area, where we absolutely enjoy the child friendly lifestyle.
My two children think it's great to be able to cycle to their friends houses or to play football in the park with the neighbours. It would seem that children are able to cross language barriers a lot easier.

My wife who ran a busy nutritional therapy practice alongside mine, is taking time to help our children feel settled at school and home. In time she'll be looking to start again here. Because I lead an active life, I run, I've  mountain biked and do calisthenics .I've appreciated how injury can set you back and affect your lifestyle.

I love Chiropractic because it is an effective way to treat many painful musculoskeletal conditions and also have a profound effect on our nervous system. I've often noted that some of the 'side effects' of Chiropractic have included amongst others better sleep, better digestion and better concentration.

I regard the health of the spinal column to be an important part of our well-being. Just like we take care to look after our heart or our cholesterol, looking after our spine should also be an important consideration.


Adam Cullinan D.C.